Best London Retailers for Streetwear and Sneakers

Are you looking for the best London Retailers for Streetwear and sneakers? If so, then you are in the right place because this is exactly the subject we are going to discuss in this article. Therefore, check the following retailers out and choose the one that offers exactly what you need.


Browns Fashion

Browns Fashion was founded in the 70’s, and it has recently opened the doors on its latest bricks & mortar location in Browns East, Shoreditch to be more precise. Browns is boasting a quite strong heritage in innovation. The store has offered overtime famous names such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Sabine G, and it still continues to highly support local designers. Therefore, if you really want to buy something absolutely beautiful and high-quality, then don’t hesitate and go for Browns Fashion.


If you visit London and you are a sneaker & streetwear fan, then you must not forget to visit the FootPatrol store. This popular retailer first arrived on the scene in 2002, and it later relocated to its current Soho space. You will find here a truly broad range of offerings, including classic sneakers and Japanese exclusives. For a more detailed look into the store you should check out first the official website and see exactly what are the offerings. However, we are sure that you will not be disappointed. FootPatrol store can be found in London on Berwick Street.


At Harrods, you will find anything you want, not only sneakers and streetwear. You can shop from couture to furniture and even food and drink. The only disadvantage is that the prices are quite high for everything, even for sweets. Harrods was founded in 1834, and it still is iconic for the United Kingdom. The store always stocks a wide range of exclusive goods like Ted Baker or Burberry. Single men who travel to London and want to find more excellent shops and also want some company during their stay, should hire an escort. In case you didn’t know, London escorts can be paid to show you the city and its most amazing attractions as well, and not only for sexual fantasies. Therefore, take this useful tip into account.


Without favoring just one style genre in particular, Goodhood purveys Japanese curiosities, from core streetwear from CEE, to an impressive collection from Dr. Martens and Clarks Originals. Here, you will also find an in-house line aptly, called ”Goods by Goodhood”. If you visit the store, then you must not miss out the street style with the Goodhood crew.


We also want to add to our article, this famous London retailer for streetwear and sneakers. The store was opened by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, and it can be found on the famous Oxford Street in London. This is actually the second largest retail space in the United Kingdom, after Harrods, and it has been in the past home to pop-up spaces with OFF-WHITE, Rick Owens, and many others. Selfridges’ history was dramatized in 2013 in a TV series called Mr. Selfridge.

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